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Unlike a lot of actors, I didn’t start studying acting until later on, when my digital marketing career was taking off. I was (am) a digital marketing expert working within several companies including adidas and the Google offices.

After growing my expertise in Brand Strategy and PPC (Pay Per Click, aka online advertising), I quit my full time job and started my own agency, Spekyo Ltd, so that I could pay for my acting training and new life.

You can stalk my LinkedIn for more details. Meanwhile, I will use the story below to paint a better picture of my mindset and who I am.


When I worked in Adidas, I realised the extent of my capability to make ambitious projects come to life. I wanted to improve adidas’ website by making it more “GenZ friendly”. The creatives were too inauthentic and the layout created unnecessary distance with the end consumer.


My project was greeted with countless “NOs” and direct orders from my bosses to quit the idea. I “disobeyed” and insisted for 4 months with other authorities within the multinational company. Finally, I got access to one of their pages. I proceeded by convincing 30+ models and crew members to do a shooting for free. Here is a picture of me directing my first photoshoot.


The result?

  • 127% more conversions,
  • 23% more revenue
  • for 38% less cost.
  • I received an email from the Global CMO for a meeting;
  • I was praised in a cross-departmental marketing meeting across EU;
  • My line-manager wrote “Excellent” on my performance report, his first Excellent ever given.

My UGC section was adopted across all sites, making me the 1st intern to have had such an impact on adidas’ digital presence.


This experience has taught me that you are never too small to have an impact and that sometimes authority doesn’t have all the answers. I managed to change Adidas’ website at age 22. My aim in life is to change the world through art and I am excited to start my journey as an actor.




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