I attended Bow Street Academy, The National Screen Acting School of Ireland from September 2020 until July 2021. This exposed me to my first screen-acting course. Since then I have being flying around Europe participating in a variety of film projects.

Quitting my full time job in March ’22 has freed up a lot of time and energy for the various projects linked below.

10-P series

my 10-P series exhibits and celebrates personal epiphanies by combining my inner thoughts with photography.


i love learning languages and love even more collecting new skills. flick through my experiences here.


attempting a scene that has already been performed by talented actors forces me to find my own style.


m00d is a series of short form videos that aims to capture very specific feelings that I look to portray.


my main focus is to grow my expertise through practical experience. you will find here the shorts i participated in.


for when I don’t have much going on: here you will find examples of ads I have been hired to perform in.

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