this page will be dedicated to the collection of skills, certifications and experience that i’m aiming to accumulate during 2022-2023.


working for so long as a digital marketer has helped me accumulate skills that can be applied to acting such as team work, leadership skills and languages.

since March ’22, i have dedicated myself to proactively look for opportunities in short films, big productions and feature films. so far i have catched the attention of a few independent short movies but this is my first few months of activity and i am just getting started.

while i work on that, feel free to check out below my relevant skills and certifications.


fluent in English, French and Italian, i have good working knowledge of Spanish, learned Mandarin Chinese at uni and am teaching myself German.


i started horse riding at 14 years old in Toscana, Italy. i have loved going back to the classes ever since and have experience galloping.


i have been dancing until 18 yo. Contemporary, ballet, hip hop & salsa. at university I was the official choreographer of the dance society.

FAVOURITE QUOTE BY Alejandro Jodorowsky

“Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.”

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