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I cannot believe this.


I was looking for a sign on where to go next when outside of my room in Stockholm I saw a new poster with the Eiffel Tower on it, days after looking for the sign. I therefore moved to Paris in June 2022.


Once there I was like “Ok, I should probably train myself and attend courses and start applying to stuff even if I have an empty CV and will get rejected”. Nope. Didn’t happen. I got casted in nearly every short film I applied to, especially those involving in person auditions. I ended up having a project each week!


Not only that… an acquaintance of mine, Tasa, met at University happened to be in Paris, on the same corner I was on, during a rainy day. I recognised her and went up to her even if we didn’t really speak. Turns out she is also in the film industry and we became close friends during that month. She also arrived and left the same days as me, which is the wildest of coincidences. I am still baffled.

There was so much more but these are the main beats. I am so unbelievably grateful and schocked by how life is turning out. My acting CV finally has stuff on it!