since starting my acting journey in April ’22 i have been casted in a few short films on top of Family Man, the student short film i produced fresh out of Bow Street Academy in 2021. i do aim to write & direct my own.


directed by antoine desanti

Le Reflet is a student drama short film that aims to showcase the repercussions of abuse onto ones behaviour. It was an absolute pleasure to make thanks to an excellent and supportive crew.


directed by MAGÀ ETTORI

La Campagne is a fantasy short film that aims to mock the current state of political campaigns in France whilst reminding us that nothing really will matter if we keep disregarding our relationship to Nature and environmental disasters.


directed by felizitas steiner

Lockdown – Adversaire Invisible denounces the categorical approach used during the pandemic that lead to consequences such as the dreadful increase of abuse that women have endured. This project has been by far one of the most formative experiences of my foetus acting career, not only for the emotional range I needed to display, but also for the quality crew that surrounded my performance.

Family Man

directed by Ciara kelleher

Family Man is a student horror short film that was produced by myself and 3 other classmates from Bow Street Academy. this was the first time i have ever acted on a set.

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