i try to grow my experience through working on set.


directed by felizitas steiner

Lockdown – Adversaire Invisible denounces the categorical approach used during the pandemic that led to consequences such as the dreadful increase of abuse that women endured. We explore the particular scenario on how being locked up and stripped from purpose can catapult a perfectly balanced and healthy couple into oblivion.

This project has been by far one of the most formative experiences.


directed by Eden LEVI-CAMPANA

Yetzer Hara is a fantasy short film that aims to mock the current state of French politics and political campaigns whilst reminding us that nothing really will matter if we keep disregarding our relationship to Nature and environmental disasters.


directed by antoine desanti

Le Reflet is a student drama short film that aims to showcase the repercussions of abuse onto one’s behaviour.

It’s the story of two siblings with no mother, living with an abusive father. The brother just got hit and the sister tries to comfort him. In this scene, she reveals that she’s also been going through the abuse as the brother accuses her of not knowing what it’s like to receive physical violence. She then tries to give him advice to which he, in turn, responds violently too, just like their father. “Le Reflet” means “reflection” and communicates the strength of parent tapes, malgré nous.


directed by MIA CATTAN

A Consuming Memory is the story of Olive who can’t seem to let go of the past.

She travelled to a different country to study and is finding herself missing her family and friends back home to the point of obsessing over a very specific memory which will in turn trap her.

The question Mia wanted to answer is “would she actually be happy if she were where she is desiring to be?”. The message “careful for what you wish for” is very much present during this whole story.


directed by EOLIA ROUVEAU

SOLVE is a horror story in which Anna get kidnapped and forced to resolve some perverse riddle in order to free herself.

In this production I had the delightful experience to having to cut off my ear…!


directed by MIA DELERIS

Vertige opens the dialogue around the involvement of the man in the dialogue of an abortion.

It’s the story of a couple that have serenely been dating for quite a few years. However Ava gets pregnant, and decides to have an abortion without consulting her partner. The latter randomly hears about it and confronts her on why she didn’t tell him about it.

This conversation aims to explore the “My Body, My Choice” slogan, in a context where the man is respectful and supportive, rather than oppressive, which in turn begs the question to what extent should we involve (the healthy and loving) men in our decision making?



Stacy Struggles is an anti-bullying short film that was written to raise awareness around the effects of constant peer pressure and judgement (both online and offline).

Here we see Stacy battling her inner demons and giving up on herself after yet another distasteful mockery from her peers.

Family Man

directed by Ciara kelleher

Family Man is a student horror short film that was produced by myself and 3 other classmates from Bow Street Academy after finishing our course (2020-2021).

This was a very formative experience, as my first time on set, where lots of mistakes were made, and fond memories were created.

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