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Whatever happens happens. At least I tried.

Still Can’t Believe it

I still can’t believe that BIA happened a month exactly after I quit the business world… I mean… at this point one can just start questioning if this is probability or if there is truly some sort of energy field dragging these blessings my way. BIA (Basic Income for the Arts) is pilot scheme aims to support the arts and creative practice by giving a payment of €325 a week to artists for a whole 3 years. Perfect timing as I am currently living on my savings since leaving the corporate world.

What will I do if I get selected

I think it is really good for me to set the intention now, while I am unbiased and in the unknown, about what I will do if I received the BIA. First off, I would dance of joy and call my parents to calm them down about my life choices… “see? I told you I’d be ok!”. Their relief would be enough for me. But what I want to do with this is way more. I actually have a plan on what to attack next. I don’t mind living on peanuts but having this money will help me pay people to do an incredible job with the videos and scenarios I have in my mind. Money is just a tool to do more and delegate. The luxuries that come with it literally take a back seat (BTDT, there is no satisfaction in buying buying). A la longue ça saoule.


Regardless of if I receive the payment or not, I am not going back to the business world, punto. Today I was doing the website for my own company and it was painful. I couldn’t help but notice the massive difference in emotions while making this website versus making Spekyo Ltd (I can now link it!). You will see such a difference between the two. Spekyo was done in 2h whereas this one was made in 3 days (20+ hours). The excitement was palpable with this one and I couldn’t wait to start collecting my projects to make it even more wow. Spekyo… I was just like “no, this is not what I want to be doing with my life”. I just have it to make my company legit and to earn some money if I can (you know… survival stuff). But if I can stay away from that nonsense I’d be happy to.


Like everything, marketing is fun, if they don’t force you to do things under stress and messily. I hated working in marketing because everyone around me (in agencies) was more interested in “getting it done” rather than spending the right time (at least 3 times more) doing things properly, with love for the craft. I soon realised that “working in marketing” meant drowning in your to-do-list rather than making spectacular sales funnels. That’s uninteresting. I will take a well deserved break from that nonsense and will start rediscovering marketing through love rather than stress.

I love this blog because it’s for me and keeps me accountable. By writing something monthly I am proving to myself that I am doing something towards acting and my new career frequently. And it feels very good.