My First Advert

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Miracles keep coming!


I got casted for my first paid advertisement by a Chinese company. I was so happy to connect with the producer in charge of the shoot, she is definitely a bit of me.


Acting in a commercial never actually crossed my mind but by talking to a few actors I learned that that’s how they make most of their money at first. Companies always pay for adverts whereas when you are an actor, most projects are “bénévole” as they say in French, aka unpaid.


This was my first “model shoot” on top of the video series. I learned a lot but I also realised that people do not care about ruining your hair or your face with excessive make up or heat. I learned that I must be extremely firm BEFOREHAND on what I accept and what I do not accept as I got angry a few times on set for the amount of product and heat they were putting on me. This is not me being a Diva: I have never cut my hair truly, nor died it, nor use heat on it, not even to dry it. My hair represents something very important psychologically and anyone that does anything against it is rubbing me the wrong way. I didn’t know this until it happened… Good to know.

Nonetheless I got some cool footage from it, not all of it yet but hopefully soon.