My First Netflix Set

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Disclaimer: I was an extra as this was my first ever paid job, my first ever Netflix set, on the Vikings show Valhalla in Ireland back in May 2022.


I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to see with my own eyes a fully constructed set in the middle of Irish fields. Not only that but there were many new crew roles present on it which most sets don’t have the luxury to have such as 2 people specifically there to check the clouds and guarantee continuity when outdoors.


As an extra, I was part of a group with dozens of them. What I quickly noticed was the contrast between those who were impatient and tired of waiting, and those who would look at every detail of the set as soon as they had the chance. Yes it was long hours and a lot of waiting time, but I was on one of the biggest sets of my career and my extreme excitement to be there confirmed my deep desire to be part of this world.


Here is a picture (that I am now allowed to share) during my fitting. I am trying my best to remain calm and professional when actually buzzing inside. More than a year has past and I still remember the Joy I felt when receiving the call telling me that I would be part of the project.