i love losing myself in my digital collages. time just passes without me noticing. it is peaceful and liberating.


The Battle of Ego is my favourite digital collage so far as it is colourful and tells a story. In this piece I am preparing myself to confront my Ego. Despite my huge will power to battle my inner demons, the path to success is filled with distracting obstacles, blinding thoughts and destructive habits that I must unlearn in order to just get started. Moreover, the real root of misery likes to hide behind the whispered lies of my pride. I still have far to go but time is on my side.


>attempted< depicts the aim to escape my poisonous circumstances and foggy thoughts. i tried breaking free from it. but i consciously decided that i deserved to be punished, hence the psychological self-flagellation that has been my daily dose of self-inflicting pain. it’s exhausting. i am strong but not that strong. and i can be very cruel to myself.


/dɪsˈɪntɪɡreɪt/ is the portrayal of strength faced with the incessant pressures of society. despite being torn apart by the public’s opinion, my inner child remains firm and assertive, ready to fight for my ambitions. where others see failure, i see opportunity. where others see a dead end, i see possibility. some call me a fighter, most call me a lunatic. regardless, no one can strip me away from my capability of dreaming big.


space_cake is a pseudo middle finger to anyone who’s asked me for advice after having incessantly whispered words of skepticism to me. they see me succeed and all of a sudden i am worthy of their praise. i made space_cake to express my frustration so that i could move on while i keep aiming for the moon. meanwhile outraging my peers with my goals and proving them wrong has become my new favourite hobby.

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